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The lying, cheating, politicking card game of Brexit.

Brexit may be done. But it doesn't mean we should forget the deception that brought us here. Buy a deck of Barmy Brexiteers for just £7.99!

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In a world of half-truths and whole-unicorns, can you outwit, outsmart and outblag your opponents to be the first to play away all your lies?

It takes just 20 wily politicians...

And 30 outrageous lies...

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Around the world we are seeing politics devolving rapidly into politicians telling people what they want to hear, no matter the truthfulness or consequence. Cognitive psychology tells us that argument using facts is never an effective counter. However, in the long run, objective reality always wins (by definition), and so constant exposure to reality really does help the process along.

To this end, BarmyBrexiteers is a light-hearted card game and hard-hitting Twitter news account that strives to keep pointing out the lies about Brexit that are most obviously dishonest.

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The Barmy Rules
(for 3 or more players)

The object of the game is to lose all your cards, all the while telling bigger and bolder lies. Naturally, politicians break the rules.

Shuffle the deck and deal evenly. Everyone picks up and looks at their own cards. The player clockwise to the dealer plays a card from their hand first to create a new stack of lies. The next player clockwise must play onto the stack of lies - either a politician, or a lie that is greater than or equal to the last lie on the stack of lies. If they can’t, they add the existing stack of lies to their hand and the following player starts a new stack of lies. Repeat until a player has played all their cards – the winner (and new dealer).

If a player has multiple identical lies in their hand, they may play them simultaneously. Whenever three identical lies are laid consecutively (by one or more players) the stack of lies is burned, and removed from play till the end of the game. The player who burned the stack of lies plays again.

The More Barmy Rules
(for 2 to 3 players)

The mechanics of the 2-3 player game is almost identical to the 3+ player game. The only difference is that instead of dealing the whole deck up-front, deal only 7 cards to each player. Then, at the beginning of each player’s turn, the player first adds a card from the undealt deck to their hand.

The Brexit Memory Game
(for 2 players)

The lies about Brexit should never be forgotten. So why not give your memory a good workout?

Remove one of each of the lie cards so that you are left with 20 matching pairs of cards (10 lie and 10 politician pairs). Shuffle the cards and lay them face down. Take turns to pick up 2 cards. If the cards match, you win the pair and play again. If they do not, return them to the table and it is the next player’s turn.

Once all pairs have been claimed, the winner is the player with the most pairs.

Spread the truth about the lies!

Please spread the news about us so we can all help each other make important decisions about our future on facts, not lies.

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